Wild Goose Coaching:
seeks to introduce mystery, adventure, sacredness, service, and wisdom into the personal and professional life development of leaders who seek greater meaning and purpose in their life within the new global environment. 

Wild Goose Coaching:
helps leaders discover a transcendant, global-minded perspective that will enhance their ability to significantly and positively lead others and self to impact the global environment. 

Wild Goose Coaching:
partners with leaders in discovering a new global perspective in their life and professional journey by applying, where applicable, a "inner leadership" model. With Wild Goose Coaching you'll learn to integrate and align your leadership values, practices, and behaviors, with a transcendent, global-minded perspective.

Wild Goose Coaching:
helps you identify self-imposed boundaries and replace them with strengths, opportunities, aspirations, and results (SOAR)!  

The early Celts had a mantra: "lá eile, eile eachtra." 
Translation: "Another day, another adventure!" 

Today is the day!

Are you ready to take flight? Are you ready to fulfill your calling in a significant way and make a real difference in the lives of others, your organization, and yourself?

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"The more they (secular leaders) strengthen the spiritual dimension in their own lives, the more they'll enrich their own quality of life and their relationships with family, friends, and employees."
~ Alonzo L. McDonald, Jr., former head of McKinsey & Company Worldwide ~ 
"Individual executives need to foster vision, vitality, and spirit in the organization they lead therefore their spiritual condition and growth is imperative."
~ Peter Vaill, PhD., University Professor of Management at Antioch University ~

Optimizing Your Inner Leadership Potential
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