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Transcendent Coaching Process (TCP)
Phase One - Personal and professional oriented assessments and questionaires are used to identify your skills, abilities, competencies, and personality type. These assessments may also be used to discover organizational and/or team characteristics.
Phase Two - Personal, professional, and strategic visions and goals are identified and globally defined.
Phase Three - Plans and strategies are integrated with professional, personal and/or organizational global mission and vision statements. 
Phase Four - A congruent transcendent 'lifestyle' is created for the leader and/or organization by integrating connectiveness and significance.
The Transcendent Coaching Process (TCP) is a client-focused coaching approach based upon the belief that everyone has been created as a uniquely complex and sacred being who seeks an engaging wholistic lifestyle with significance (purpose and meaning) in the new global environment. The TCP helps managers and leaders identify and apply competencies that enable them to optimize their leadership potential.
"Corporate leaders whose practices were influenced by their spirituality fostered work environments which allowed employees to achieve greater personal and work satisfaction."
~ Peter Pintus, PhD ~
"Leaders are engaging with followers, but from higher levels of morality; in the enmeshing of goals and values both leaders and followers are raised to more principle levels of judgments."
~ James MacGregor Burns, Distinguished Leadership Scholar 
and Educator ~
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